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Rotary Family Health Days

Rotary Family Health Days (RFHD) is the signature program of Rotarians for Family Health & Aids Prevention, Inc. (RFHA),
who initiate, coordinate and manage this program with the other partner organizations. Click here for more information on our Signature Program.

AIDS Awareness School Assemblies

1998 to Present - Georgia/USA

"The Real Truth" - RFHA's Factual AIDS Awareness School Assembly Program

Addressing the alarming growth rate of HIV/AIDS among young people in the United States, Marion Bunch and The Rotary Club of Dunwoody launched an AIDS education program in the fall of 1998.  Today, this school assembly program, designed to share basic information on HIV/AIDS, has gained momentum and is a key component of disease prevention among youth throughout District 6900.   AID Atlanta, a care and support organization, serves as Rotary’s critical, strategic partner by providing AIDS speakers for assemblies in Georgia schools on a statewide basis.

This unique program introduces speakers, who currently have the HIV virus, to youth in middle and high schools.  These meeting occur through Rotary sponsored assemblies.   The primary purpose of every assembly is to challenge the teens’ attitude of “invincibility” to this disease and to teach them HIV facts.  Teenagers learn, from their peers, how easily the HIV virus may be contracted and what an incredible change it will bring to their lives.  The program is based upon abstinence and does not promote “safe sex”.


Since the education program began, 52 Rotary Clubs in USA District 6900 sponsor this powerful, realistic learning experience for 450,900 students in 160 schools.  Youth leaders in RYLA and Interact Clubs assist local Rotary Club communication efforts by creating “buzz” for the school meetings.  Rotarians (with the help of AID Atlanta) developed a package of materials for school administrators which clearly states Rotary’s commitment to youth and international health efforts.

Under the AIDS Education/Prevention Banner, Rotary Clubs clearly demonstrate the progressive nature of Rotary.  This program effectively utilizes the powerful credibility of Rotary and adds significance to the pandemic disease.

Sponsorship of in-school educational experiences, gives Rotary increased visibility in the community and the local press. Best of all, Rotary’s visibility is linked to important and sincere efforts to improve the lives of our youth.   Promoting health in young people promotes Rotary at its finest.


  • Go to for all program information
  • View and download the Manuals in the Members Download section in The Real Truth category (login to see the Download option).
  • Contact a local AIDS Support Organization in your area and discuss your needs. Be prepared to offer speakers travel expenses and a small donation for their time. See a list in the Members Download section under The Real Truth.
  • Discuss plans with local school administration and district leadership.  Members of your own Clubs are vital in this effort.  Present the school administration manual to them as well as your public school officials.
  • Schedule assemblies in middle and high schools with the principals.
  • Have Rotarians introduce the speakers to the young audiences.  Have note cards and paper available for the students to write down anonymous questions for the Q & A session following the formal presentation.

ANCHOR Program

The Africa Network for Children Orphaned and at Risk (“ANCHOR”) is a multi-sectoral  partnership that was formed by RFHA to provide a program of care and support for 118,000 Orphans and Vulnerable Children in six countries in Africa during 2005 to 2010. The countries are South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Cote d’Ivoire.

The partner organizations are:

  • HOPE worldwide, a faith-based non-government organization that has a Best Practice Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) model program and a multi-country professional staff in Africa.
  • RFHA mobilized the Rotary clubs in each country to provide volunteer support for this program.  The international Rotarians provided funding support for the education of the children through RFHA’s Orphan Rescue program.
  • The Coca Cola Africa Foundation (TCCAF) which represents the largest multinational for profit corporation on the continent of Africa (Coca-Cola Systems).  They provided $1.2 Million USD as a sub grant to the primary funder (PEPFAR), as well as media support.
  • Emory University Schools of Public Health and Nursing who established the Monitoring and Evaluation standards for the program.
  • PEPFAR (President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) was the primary funder of this program and provided $8.1 Million USD through USAID in six African countries over a five year period (2005 to 2010). 

See the below table for breakout of the results.